We Need Each Other

Humans are very social creatures.  I could never begin to plan an exit from the city into country living unless I could bring everyone with me.  I dream of a community of people who will plan and build with me. I need people.  I have the know how to live off the land, make my own bread, grow my own food, but I don’t have it in me to do it alone!

I love to dance!  I love to laugh.  I love to socialize and make bread with friends.  I love to teach bible studies and get everyone to sing in robust celebration.  I can’t have these things alone.  It requires a community.  I am dreaming that I will meet many intelligent people who dream of something similar.  Not rural loneliness.  Not congested city dwelling.  Not exactly exclusive.  Not exactly open to the public.  I would like to strike a balance for health in all three dimensions: body, mind and spirit.

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