Choose your neighbors.

Design your neighborhood.
The rich and the poor are planning this community together, surrounding themselves with family and friends in the architecture of their choice. Join a like-minded community of caring humanitarians with vision for the future. Bring your entire family to the planning meetings!  Eventually move to a 3DCommunity as a well-prepared group.

We each contribute what we have:

  • materials
  • equipment
  • expertise
  • cash
  • land
  • time
  • labor



In a 3DCommunity we are governed by the people within the community.  The heads of each household govern their own block.  For this reason, the layout of the homes and communities is important.  The white and grey squares represent one-acre parcels.  The dark squares represent commonly owned areas used for sustainability.  Two neighborhoods are wrapped around one 5-acre common area.

A neighborhood is made up of ten 1-acre parcels with one household on each.  These 10 heads of households appoint a leader to represent their neighborhood whenever they gather with leaders of the surrounding neighborhoods to deal with matters that involve those neighborhoods.

Two neighborhoods and their common area forms a block.

Twenty blocks make a community.  A representative from each block is appointed to gather to discuss matters that involve all twenty blocks.

Ten communities make a region. Rather than growing past the point of a thriving community with a thriving economy, we form a new community with it’s own neighborhood leaders, block leaders and community leaders.  Each community elects a leader to represent them on matters that involve surrounding communities.  The regions are not dictated by rivers or mountains, but by population.  Regional leaders meet with other regional leaders on matters that involve them.

Ten regions make an area and so on.

Today, we can begin to formulate 3DCommunities by gathering friends and family in our own homes.  Have common meals and learn skills that will be needed once we live in a self-sustaining 3DNeighborhood.  We begin with the Pathway of Power Projects from A to Z.  This will help to align everyone involved and create oneness among the members of 3DCommunities in body, mind and spirit.  You can lead this alignment process by holding meetings and ordering the materials or rotate the responsibility of holding meetings among the members of your group.

These that gather with you can begin to plan their portion of the neighborhood, gathering floor plans and ideas that will motivate the necessary actions to keep forward movement.  More than logistics, we also need to prepare mentally and spiritually as well.  See 3DHealth.Net.

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