Retire with Utopians

Retire in Humanitarianism

Do you have a plan to retire in “comfort and style”?  Why not consider retiring with us?  Your retirement investment capital can make it possible to provide that same comfort for many others at the same time.

By uniting with other humanitarians who have retirement funds to invest, you will make it possible to build a community with plenty of room for others who don’t have the necessities of life as you do.

In Hub-Om Community, you would retire surrounded by people who are filled with gratitude for your kindness and generosity.  If it costs you the same amount of investment capital as it would for any other retirement community, why not bless the lives of others and make your retirement the most fulfilling years of your life?

What if your criteria for choosing a place to retire was based upon how much good your participation would bring to the lives of others? What if you and your retirement companions shopped at the community shops and supported the creative efforts of those within your community to help make ends meet for their families? If, through compassion and cooperation, you could eradicate poverty for hundreds of people would you do it? What if for every retirement couple who joins the community, 100 poor could benefit? Would you do it?

When people hear the plan to enlist the help of wealthy humanitarians they will often shoot holes in our theories. They say that people who have a lot of money don’t want to share. They don’t want to live with neighbors who are not of “equal socioeconomic status.”  We argue saying, “You’re missing the point. The idea is that through cooperation we can eliminate the classes. We could all be equal. Not equally poor, but equally rich!”

But many say that those who grew up in this society, where class and status is so much a part of our identity, would not help others rise to be equal with them. They prefer society to remain the way it is, being much higher than others on the food chain. They like to believe that they “deserve” more in this game of life because they were given more money to play with.  There are those who actually believe that if someone doesn’t figure out how to earn a lot of money, then they don’t deserve a lot of money!  But we believe that every one of God’s children deserve to have the rich, flowing abundance that is available on planet earth.

Some say that the words “wealthy” and “humanitarians” do not belong in the same sentence, but we know that there are wealthy humanitarians.  They use their blessings to bless others.  We believe that there are many people of retirement age who would gather with a community of other wealthy humanitarians to do something great for hundreds of people during their retirement years. Why wouldn’t they?

Planning an experimental community with the express purpose of solving poverty, inequality and human suffering is something we can each do with our lives that can make a difference for generations to come and prepare our hearts for the new millennium.

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