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Step 1) Join

Step 2) Study this website.  Leave comments at the bottom of each page so we can get to know you.

Step 3) Become a voting member by completing the online orientation.

Step 4) Join the weekly conference calls and begin to participate in the conversations.

Step 5) Organize Hub-Om with those in your local circle of influence. You would be the representative for your area.

When a group of like-minded individuals are willing to gather together to plan and create an interdependent community with planned size of the city, a planned number of land parcels, a planned recruitment of business owners and experts within the community to ensure that there is a benefits package that meets the needs on every level, we can create and maintain a gift based economy and see to it that there are “no poor among us.”  This means that we will establish an economy that protects each member from economic ups and downs.

We must be careful as we assemble the right mix of strengths in the community that we have a finite list of positions to fill related to a finite number of parcels to manage and develop. When that limit has been reached, another community must begin to form rather than allowing the first city to grow and grow and finally topple over under the strain. The continual “creeping outward” that cities of today experience creates the economic havoc that is beyond solution. Small, inter-connected, gated communities are the answer, not one ever-growing monstropolis that breeds crime, poverty and inequality.

To build interdependent gift income for everyone and create abundance for all we simply need to gather the unemployed plumbers, electricians, roofers, framers, masons, brick layers, heavy equipment operators and all the experts necessary to build a community from the ground up.

As a land manager in this community, each person has the freedom to choose their own destiny. Their 1-acre parcel is their own domain. They each have the option to build a home, then add an additional building to accommodate a gift offering to support the community. One might prefer a Victorian home, another might prefer an adobe dome, while another might dream of a self-sustaining home with cutting edge technology. The only criteria is that each person’s contribution to the community co-creates utopia. How many of each kind of trade and expertise would we need? Planning is the key.

“Interdependent Income” includes land, homes, food, clothing, medical and dental, and other services that will be bartered within the community. Gifting is easily calculated without keeping track at all. Everyone in the community gives the exact same amount; all they have.

Having the opportunity to give labor, skills, services, produce or goods rather than paying currency in dollars will put every man and woman on an equal playing field. When you commit to give “whatever it takes” you will have a place in the community for as long as you desire. Your commitment earns you a parcel of land. Your commitment to create a self-sustainable life-style for you and your community from your own land and your own skills helps others in the community to do the same. Both the poor and the rich must be humanitarians that care about the welfare of others as much as their own family.

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