New Vistas

Many community models have been presented and will continue to pour in as we all are guided by an unseen hand to create a new and wiser world.

Below is an example of the ingenuity and vision that can be brought to the table, designed by David Hall of Novatek Engineering.


We have heard of compressing the existing dirt of the building site into bricks that are stronger than any building material that exists today.

We have read of water harvested from the air.

We have heard of energy created from water by splitting the molecule.

We have heard of refuse conversion that utilizes human waste to the fullest extent.

We have heard of indoor gardening in the basement of your home with grow lights and even having a pond indoors to keep fresh water fish.

If each home could create its own source of water, power, food and sanitation from their own land there would be no bills to pay. All each person would need is the natural materials from their own land!

This is an example of what some creative people chose to design with compressed dirt.

Combining all the greatest minds in the world and filtering their ideas with the highest and best ideals for mankind, we can overcome and rebuild all aspects of life on earth: poverty, inequality, government corruption, war, environmental issues and preparation for natural disasters.

Explaining the talks about the inevitable challenges of the future of city dwelling.  City dwellers are incapable of providing basic necessities for themselves.  They are dependent upon food supplies from outside the city.  Watch this video and see where the "thinkers" are going with mass food production.


It appears that cities have become a place where the "powers that be" are gathering gifted and talented people into captivity to render them powerless to bring solutions to the obvious mounting problems. We each have a piece of the puzzle. We just have to know where to come together, lay out the pieces on the table and assemble the puzzle.

The Motherboard provides the collaboration table where everyone can plug in their gifts and light up utopia.

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