Gifting Governance

A parent nurtures a child out of love, with no strings attached.  This is the relationship we can easily have with those who cannot provide for themselves.  Nurturing gifts for our fellow man, woman and child will co-create utopia.  The rich and the poor together must foster these maternal instincts and give what we already have to improve the lives of others. If we have no material wealth, we can give kindness and love.  If we have material wealth we can give without judgment until together we eliminate poverty and inequality.

Many people would jump in right now to relocate to a community and come off-the-grid completely, however some are still very limited by the economy of the present world we live in.  Relocating requires funds.  To get out of debt and sever the financial ties to this world often takes more money than is possible for the masses to generate.  The present economy precludes freedom of choice and keeps the masses in slavery to debt. 

Those who have the means to contribute to the freedom of others can have the satisfaction of being personally involved in the change that can happen in the lives of others.  So often charity organizations ask for funds without giving you the opportunity to see the results of your contribution.  Not so with the plan of ABC Developments.  You may find someone in your local area and assist their transition into an ABC Development, then live next door to him and watch him thrive for the rest of your life! 

Our plan is to create a community on donated land, with donated materials and volunteer labor. The land, the materials, the labor can all be considered “gifts” that will co-create utopia. We all bring what we already have. 

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