Quest: Eradicate Poverty

Hub-Om Communities are designed around the belief that it shouldn’t cost money to live and thrive on the earth.

We believe that each human has a right to live and thrive on planet earth without being charged for space!  You were born.   No one should have to pay rent to be here. What other choice do you have to live?  Your birthright is to stay on the earth that God created for you.  He owns it, yet man collects the rent!

It was the greed of man that put the artificial barrier of “money” between us and the things we need.  “Poverty is the cruelest form of violence,” is how Gandhi put it.

We believe that it is well within our ability to sustain ourselves in an interdependent lifestyle, all expense paid, for the rest of our lives, if we are willing to cooperate.

We want to eradicate poverty, not only because it would be a nice thing to do for others, but because it is impossible to have utopia for ourselves until utopia is provided for everyone.  If we create a hidden utopian society for a chosen few of our favorite people, we will never experience true love, joy, peace or fulfillment because we have only satisfied our own needs.  Plans that are based in self-centeredness do not produce the fulfillment that satisfies the deepest longing of our own spiritual nature.

Many of us believe that the time has come for us to do a “mass exodus” out of today’s cities to build smarter and happier cities in a new way.

We have a model for an intentional community that sets up a community that governs itself, that sustains itself and that entertains itself by working in joyful cooperation.  We will eliminate dependence on today’s infrastructure, today’s manufacturer and today’s entertainment industry.  These are they who are capitalizing on opportunities and making billions of dollars while the suffering of mankind continues around the globe.

We believe that we are strong enough, intelligent enough and capable enough to design a plan that eliminates the suffering of all mankind.  With that as our common goal, we will eradicate poverty and inequality together.

We believe that it is time to build a better world.  It’s not enough to build a “new” world.  We must build something much better than the world that exists today. We believe that about half of mankind has the capacity for a truly united utopia, but we have been brainwashed since birth to believe that utopia is a pipe dream or a naive fairy tale.

The truth is, we can and we will build a society that solves every problem rather than accepting “other people’s problems” as a necessary part of life.  Mankind always evolves.  We always come up with new, better, more efficient, less expensive, more intelligent, less painful ways of doing things.  It will happen naturally.  We will overcome every obstacle that stands between us and utopia.


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