We each contribute the gifts we already have.

-Establish Hub-Om Income before relocating to a Hub-Om community.  This will set each member of the community free to serve the community free of charge.

-Contribute what you have in exchange for land and home stewardship plus benefits in a high-energy society.

-Contribute your land in exchange for the contributed labor to build your home and many other homes at the same time.

-Contribute your skills and expertise to make the larger vision come to pass.

-Be a decision-maker in the planning and implementing of intentional infrastructure that has the lowest possible impact on the environment.

What does "contribute" mean? 

It does not mean "donate" or "volunteer" because these are non-profit terms that you pour in, but don't receive monetary benefits in return.  Hub-Om is not a non-profit organization!  We each make a BIG profits doing what we love and contributing what we have to the greater good.  Like the torus, we pour out and it comes back to us. We pour out and we receive back in a continuous cycle of prosperity and abundance for all.

When two or more agree… it is a very powerful force of intention.  When two or more align their assets there is nothing that is impossible to them.  This is a spiritual process as well as an economic enterprise.

"We may not have it all together, but together we have it all."

A utopian society gathers what they have so that everyone has enough.

Spiritual leaders agree that giving is greater than receiving.  Remember the story that Jesus commended a widow who gave two pennies to the offering. He taught the crowd that she gave more than anyone else because she gave ALL she had.  We each have been blessed with various gifts, talents and material wealth.  Each is a piece of the entire puzzle.  It only works when everyone is willing to give ALL for the benefit of ALL.

Millions of awakening people are gaining the understanding that they can create wealth with what little they have simply through gratitude and belief.  Imagine what these millions could create if they united their creative powers and aligned their collective assets?  Together we can create utopia-- not just abundance for me, but abundance for ALL.