Alignment Affirmations


Live in alignment with your assignment; ABUNDANCE FOR ALL. 

Lift yourself and others out of survival mode.

Abundance is the bottom line of our community economy.

No one goes without.

No one builds their success on the ruin of others.

No competition.

Dig, Plant, Water.

Equalize the Economy.

Get involved to raise funds to equalize the economy.


Eliminate dependence on doctors to maintain health.

Your body is designed to heal itself.

Utilize the natural preventive healing power of whole foods, exercise, stress reduction, herbs, oils, energy work, sunlight, music, art, touch and more.

Heal yourself and your loved ones in body, mind and spirit using spiritual power from God and His creation.

Keep yourself in the highest physical energy possible.

Eliminate any addictions, hindrances or blocks that keep you and your loved ones from reaching your highest priorities, your greatest productivity and your ultimate purpose on the earth.


Your mind is designed to create solutions to every problem.

Teach and mentor others and allow them to teach and mentor you.

Create schooling and media that keeps people informed with truth.

Empower and equip from pre-school to senior citizen programs.


 Your spirit is designed to be a communication system between you and your higher power.

Your spirit uses the intricate guidance system of the heart.

Develop your intuition.

Tune into guidance from your higher power.

Learn to follow your heart.


Your family is the building block of society.

Divorce is a tool to break down the building blocks.

Cook, Clean, Serve. Provide, Protect, Support.

It is the “give and take” that helps to create a healthy connection.


Create a high-energy concerts to share the vision with the public.

Raise energy, raise consciousness, raise the awareness of the opportunities.


Give what you’ve got to give for the greatest global good!

Develop your gifts and talents and contribute them for the benefit of all.

Each person has been given a piece of the puzzle.

Freely share your piece of the puzzle for the good of all humanity.

Do you feel you have a purpose to fulfill?  Are you gifted and talented at something that you wish you could share?  Bring it!

Each person has been given a piece of the puzzle.  Let’s see if your piece fits in the overall vision of Abundance for All!

You can be a great asset in co-creating utopia! Contribute land, cash, materials, expertise, labor, skills, ideas, innovations, ingenuity and any other gift you already have.

Contribute your best gifts to the storehouse and treasury.

Add to the benefits package of the community.

Equalize the economy of the community.



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