Charity Eco-Skyscraper


The eco-skyscraper can be the most elaborate or the most simple design based upon the decisions of those in the community.  It will stand as a symbol of a beacon of light to the community and to those outside the community. It will house many under-privileged individuals and families who require charity to survive.  Members of the Utopian community will equalize the community economy by providing for those in need including war veterans, disabled or special needs individuals, those in need of special medical care, or those from other countries in desperate situations.  As each member of the community is taught to create more than they use there will be plenty to share with others in need.  The community would make the decision as a whole as to the number of people the community can carry by providing charity housing, community food production or medical care.

Imagine one tall building in each rural community that would stand like a beacon of light.

If this skyscraper was one of the first buildings in each community it could be the headquarters of the community and create a place for everyone who is working full-time for the community making it possible for hundreds of people to relocate at once.

This building could also house many people who don’t have a desire to own land.  This building could make room for the elderly or the sick or retired or wounded veterans or any other kind of person that requires the charity of others to live comfortably.  The bottom floor might be where community meetings are held.  There might be a few floors of businesses or community service offices, and apartments for families without children.


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