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Do you ever ask yourself what you might do if you had limitless supply of land and money?  I know what I would do! I would find others who had land and money to spend and we would begin the planning of inter-dependent utopian communities around the world.

I would invite the most inventive, innovative people who believe in the possibilities of an end to poverty and inequality who are willing to work together with me.  How many billionaires would it take?

I am planning to gather 100 humanitarian billionaires to make this vision come to pass.  We would sit down at the round table and design a city that would seek to eradicate all human suffering.  No more poverty.  No more inequality.  With liberty and justice for all.

We would gather the gifted thinkers of the country to join a Think Tank to design a community that can sustain itself with cutting edge inventions and technologies.  We would gather the unemployed and underemployed to build this community from the ground up.  Maybe some parts would even be under the ground.  We will gather those who are willing and able to make a commitment to the community and utilize their energy and expertise to build utopia by giving all they have.

A big piece of the complex puzzle of poverty and inequality is ownership of LAND. Land is the essence of independence and successful interdependence.

I have recently become aware of is how our global food suppliers have robbed us, slowly but surely, of the skills to sustain our own lives. They probably didn't mean to make us dependent in the beginning, but dependence is what came to pass.

Sustaining life is not that hard to do. Our ancestors have always been able to do it for thousands and thousands of years. Even cave men were able to do it without education at all. But to the average man and woman in America today, sustaining life is as complicated and mind boggling as rocket science. We can't imagine life without the help of Walmart. The average person doesn't believe he can do it or doesn't even want to try.

To sustain human life, we have to have LAND, but none of us have any. Why is that? Lot sizes continue to shrink and zoning continues to control and eliminate our ability to sustain ourselves.  No cows allowed!  No chicken allowed!  No gardens allowed!  These controls are making us absolutely dependent upon the global food suppliers for our basic needs. When I see this through the eyes of a spectator, I realize that we are under siege as a nation and as a planet. I now feel compelled to "get land." Above all other priorities, even higher than gold is LAND.

The most powerful skill a person can learn is how to sustain himself from his own land. A person that can't sustain himself is dependent and therefore controlled by the one with the food and the one who holds his mortgage.

Recently it occurred to me that each bean and each grain of wheat that I have in my food storage could be planted in the ground to produce 10, 20 or 100 fold! My stored food has the potential to grow into an endless supply as long as we hold some back to plant the next crop. I don't have to store more, I just have to learn to sow and reap. It is a perfect plan as long as you have LAND.

Mother Nature made a sustainable plan to meet all of our nutritional needs from the earth as well as replenish our buckets with the harvested seeds! It is not impossible to believe that in a real crisis when food supply chains have been interrupted and many people around me are running out of food, I could plant my stores of wheat and harvest much more than I started with. I could gather a like-minded community of people who also choose to store wheat, beans and garden seeds and feed even more people. I could write a book and influence thousands of people to store whole foods while they are still inexpensive and available and before they are genetically modified. We could have an impact on the nation and even the world!

Having such a large supply of foods in my home storage causes my mind to think thoughts that had never crossed my mind before, like feeding the poor and needy. When I see that such a small amount of rice can keep a starving child in Africa alive, then I could keep a huge number of people alive with my buckets of food. With all of the uncertainty and economic upheavals the world is experiencing at this time in history, opportunities will obviously arise to feed hungry people and make a difference in their lives. This line of thinking makes me less concerned about storing "too much" food and gets me thinking how and where I can store more!

As I have been getting more serious about survival and helping others to survive and thrive, I branched out from the cookbook and created a collection of sites that I call I have always believed that the gathering of food and supplies is only a small part of survival in the latter days. We are three part beings, body, mind and spirit and therefore need much more than just physical survival. We need mental preparations and spiritual strengthening as well.

After perfecting my food storage plan, I focused on projects and organization that assist in teaching mental and spiritual survival. Is it enough to plan our own survival without including the survival of the planet? I hope not. I know many who feel called to teach. I hope they will consider using the materials I developed as the Alignment Affirmations to facilitate those who feel called to live in a utopian society.

I'm looking for a community of people who are interested in planning a community with me.  We need a board of directors.  We need people who can contribute expertise, labor, materials, land or anything else they may have.

I believe that we will see a mass exodus from the cities into small intentional communities where we can rely upon our own ingenuity and the cooperation of a community where everyone knows your name.

If you have land that you think might work for an intentional community, there are a few things to consider:

1) Are there at least 640 acres (about one mile square) available in the surrounding areas that you own or might be able to gather with you?

2) Do you own the land free and clear?

3) Are you willing to release control of it and allow it to be developed by the greatest masterminds in the world in exchange for the benefits of living in a utopian society and for the opportunity to change the world, eradicate poverty and inequality?

If you can answer these questions with an unequivocal "YES!", call 262-232-3196.  You may be the answer to millions of prayers around the globe.

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