Bring Your Giftedness

JUICE IT UP! - Join Us In Creating Energy!

Artists will earn their keep by bringing "juice" to the community.  Juice is the giftedness that creates energy in others.  Artists bring the energy that uplifts, heals, revives and enlightens.

Many gifted and talented people will earn their place in a ABCommunity by attracting tourism from outside the community through sidewalk markets, art galleries and events held at the conference center including:


art shows,



specialty retreats teaching:

organic gardening


natural health & healing

farmer's markets

cultural celebrations and

humanitarian community workshops

Businesses that celebrate and support artists, writers and inventors services will also be established with a printing house, a gallery, an auditorium, a production team and a marketing team that will get your giftedness to the marketplace.  In today's convoluted world, the gifted and talented are often marginalized or exploited. 

In a Hub-Om Community, the arts will be promoted, protected and developed from preschool age on up.

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