As beacons of light, we form local hubs that will lead each other towards greater well-being.  We believe that personal well-being leads to global well-being.  

Gathering in groups in our local community we begin forming the grass roots of an arcology of well-being.  

By centering the community around an online hub where interested people inside and outside the community can learn and develop to higher energy levels, we believe we will be a powerful instrument to promote and build other communities.

LEADERSHIP: Individuals who participate are developing the leadership of an emerging society that has the ability to generate the resources needed to restore the earth and see to it that there is abundance for all.

STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT: Each Acology of Well-Being is in the forming stage. We have not yet selected locations and are open to just about any option where land is available.
LOCATION: The vision is to build a arcologies that are self-contained and self-sustaining with year-round climate controlled indoor farming for climates that are more challenging.
We welcome any and all who are respectful of all faiths, races, and individuality while also embracing the Global Well-Being vision and core values.

SPIRITUAL PREPARATION: Personal growth and development will be the central theme and will be taught on a consistent basis to promote interpersonal relationships that survive and thrive within the community.  This will provide the power that is able to overcome any obstacle.

CHILDREN: Preparing children for arcology living is offered at 3D Kids Club.  

Last Updated: 2/20/2016


Contact: Teresa Foster

United States
Phone: 262-232-3196
email: Gather@Hub-Om.com
Statement of Housing Non-discrimination:
Our community does not discriminate in regards to housing based on race/color, national origin, religion, sex/gender, family status (i.e. having children, not having children, or being pregnant), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, ancestry, source of income, age, creed, personal appearance, political affiliation, HIV infection, military/veteran status, unfavorable military discharge, gender identity or expression, receiving public assistance, or being the victim of domestic abuse.


INCOME: Before entering the building stage, each individual will work towards financial independence through crowd funding programs designed for this purpose.  The economy within the community will be a barter system that eliminates dependence upon the world banking system. Loans and investments will be done privately within the community.  Money will be earned through enterprises that reach outside the community.  Main Street Income supports the community. Businesses that cater to those attending our events will be encouraged such as a cafe, a bakery, a juice stand, a farmer's market, a counseling center, a healing center and more.

BENEFITS PACKAGE: Land stewardship is the premium benefit of this community as labor, expertise or services are exchanged for land and a home.  The benefits package also includes insurances such as auto, home owners, life, medical, and dental. Unemployment and social security will be covered through the community as well.  

CONSTRUCTION: Construction teams led by professionals that are recruited for this purpose will build homes together like the old fashioned "barn raising" to eliminate labor costs. Those who labor will be compensated with land and a home built by the team.

HOME FOOD PRODUCTION: Our food production plan is found when clicking on My Whole Foods Kitchen.com. The cookbook and production plan can be adapted for individuals, families or the entire community common meals.

Members(adults and children):
We are looking to have about 2000 total, adults and children as a prototype for future Hub-Om Communities to follow.

Open to new members:  Yes

Area: 640 acres (259.0 hectares)
We are looking for land at this time. Land owners may donate as part of their contribution to the community to eliminate their required fees or labor.
Land and Buildings - Small Town Feel:
Our community plan is a gated community of approximately one-mile square  of land, with 75 acres for Main St. and
Food Production: 170 acre for common areas for raising animals, gardens, orchards, honey bees, a fish pond, and other food producing endeavors.

Land Owned By:
The community with stewardship give to individual community members in exchange for their contributions to the community.  Assignment of land parcels is handled by the planning committee.

Number of Households: 700
A variety of neighborhood styles will be offered within the community including 400 single family dwellings with land, 200 retirement villas and small cottages with a small amount of land, 200 apartments for single adults and 200 for young marrieds.  

Cohousing: Housing style and design will be entirely up to those within the community who intend to live in them.

Tobacco Use:
Community members have a commitment to their community to keep their health at the highest quality possible, especially those who commit to labor in place of monetary contributions.

Alcohol Use:
Community members make a commitment to avoid all addictions or harmful substances.  Help will always be available within the community.

Identified Leader:
We have a founder, Teresa Foster, who is the motivator and spiritual leader.
Decision Making:
We have a structure of leadership through the family. Each head of household represents their own household. 10 households unite to elect one leader to represent them in planning meetings. 50 households unite to elect one representative.

Leadership Core Group:
The leaders of households create a planning committee to make decisions and plan for changes within the community such as people moving in and moving out, exchange of land for labor, recruiting, selecting replacements, etc.)

Educational Style(s):
Private school at the community.
Home schooling with private schooling offered to support families with school aged children.

Food, etc.

Percentage of Food Grown:
over 50%.
Self-sufficiency from the land is one of the main goals of the community.
All who live in the community will commit to producing their own needs to the greatest extent possible. There will be trading and bartering within the community when individuals have and excess.

Share Community Meals:
1 time/week
A common meal for Friday Fun night will be the highlight of the week.

Dietary Practice:
Primarily vegetarian.
Community members will choose their own dietary practices within the commitment to producing their food and being self-sustaining.

Labor and Money
Financial Style:
Members have independent finances.
Each family will own their own land and will be responsible to plant gardens, raise animals and plant trees to meet their own family's needs. Families within the community may choose to team up to create cooperative agreements to lighten the load of chores and tasks.

Open to Members with Pre-existing Debt: No
It is very important to be out of debt and free from encumbrances.

Labor Contribution:
We will labor to meet the needs of their family. We will labor according to the agreement made upon entry in exchange for land and home ownership. We will have opportunity to labor on our Main Street shops to earn currency from outside the community to pay their bills, contribute to community insurance, and buy the "extras" that are not supplied by the community.

Join Fee: Yes
There may or may not be a joining fee based upon the agreement made and the contribution offered. If an unemployed construction worker offers labor to build homes within the community, his fee will be paid in labor. If a retiree is unable to labor, but can bring in the much-needed cash for materials, he will be excused from labor.

Regular Fees: Yes
Health insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, homeowners insurance, etc will all be covered through a community policy with premiums paid monthly in labor, barter or money.

Social Factors

Common Spiritual Practices: Yes
Our Community Commitments and the preparation course to join the community. HELP.Hub-Om.com

Which Spiritual Traditions(s):
Interfaith (includes "all religions")
Unity is above all. Community members are not required to believe a specific doctrine, but will be required to respect and embrace the beliefs of all who are willing to contribute to the greater good of the community and live in the highest energy possible.


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