7 Elements of Well-Being



Lift each other out of "survival mode", pooling what we already have!  Make sure everyone has their basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and communication.


2- BODY:

Lead people to value "self-care" programs higher than health care programs.  Gather health practitioners of all of the healing arts to create health and well-being for all free of charge to members of the community they design.


3- MIND:

Gather the pieces of the collective human consciousness on the planet in order to realize the full puzzle.  Our workshops offer the table where all the pieces can be pieced together into one whole.



Develop the gifts and talents of each individual to full spiritual potential. Train and teach the basics of elevating to higher energy levels. 



Inspire families to reclaim their role as the building blocks of society by living together in oneness and power.  



Share and contribute and work together for the common good. 



Plan and design the blueprints of a self-contained community that can be built in the poorest places in the world to end world hunger all at once through the power of contribution and collaboration.


  1. Hi:

    I’m planing on relocating to south Utah this year some time not sure of a date yet, I like to join with others become friends with other communties and people, I’m interestedin Welton’s idea of Intentional communtie but have very little info ware and how to follow up on learning more about his location, if any one can help that would be very helpful. Thanks


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