The Planning Center will be a place of governance and cooperation.  It will be the basic meetings that light the first sparks of community to the final details of building and landscaping. The people who run the Planning Center will be members of the community. They will have expertise in contract writing, grant writing and proposals. They will handle disputes and assist with conflict resolution.  They will be human resource specialists and empowerment advocates. Everything that happens within the community starts first as a plan at the Planning Center.

Generous contributions of time, talents, labor, skills and other assets will be the basis of the Compensation Plan. With a barn raising mentality, we will join forces to build a community from the ground up. We will recruit roofers, plumbers, electricians, architects, landscapers, heavy equipment drivers, project managers, masons, alternative energy experts, farmers, ranchers, gardeners, coordinators, and eco-city planners. Their contribution will eliminate the labor costs of the project. 

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