Main Street Income

The gated community would remain private, but Main Street would be open to the public offering goods and services such as:

  • a bed and breakfast
  • a farmer's market
  • a conference center
  • a restaurant
  • a cafe
  • alternative healing center
  • an art gallery
  • other unique businesses based upon the gifts of the members of the community

One of the saddest losses we have experienced as we watch the corporate take-over of the world-wide economy, is the end of the "mom and pop" businesses on main street.  The butcher, the baker, the undertaker, the tailor, the cobbler, the carpenter, the deli have been replaced by Walmart and Costco.

One idea within a Hub-Om Community is to designate 75 acres across the front of the community for "Main Street" businesses to cater to those outside that community.  Office and store front space are made available to members who have knowledge and desire to generate income in this manner.  Business services will be recruited into the community as part of the benefits package to help every business succeed.

Retirement villas would be set up adjacent to Main Street to make shops and restaurants close by and walking distance.  100 to 200 members might prefer retirement villas instead of having the tremendous upkeep that goes along with an acre lot. Single-family homes on acre lots would make up the remaining 400 acres wrapped around common areas for community amenities.  Small Cottage living will be a third option for those in training programs.  Apartment/Townhouses might be a fourth option.

A wall will surround the entire perimeter of the community to create a gated community.

The money we earn on Main Street will pay the taxes and other fees for unavoidable expenses.  It can also be disposable income that provides the "extras" for members of the community.

The "mom and pop" business satisfies the soul like nothing else and leaves time for the finer things in life such as meaningful interaction with those who are working with you toward a common goal.

On Main Street
we will offer world-class experiences. Main Street businesses will charge competitive rate to those outside of the community that will attract tourism from around the local area, the country and the world. Everyone will want to see the community that lives an all-expenses-paid lifestyle! The profits brought in from these efforts will add to the community chest of benefits for medical, dental, auto repair, home repairs, community improvements, and pay the taxes required by the I.R.S. etc. For this reason, it might have to be the first portion of the community to be built. These decisions will be made by the community leaders in the planning committee meetings. Bringing in cash and land donations and setting up a storehouse for the materials and supplies that must be purchased might be one of the first steps in creating a self-sustaining community.

About 600 hundred retirement villas and young adult apartments will be adjacent to Main Street but will be located safely inside the gated community. The family neighborhoods are walking distance from the retirement area as well as the activities on Main Street.

The money we earn on Main Street will provide for much of the needs of the community. Our dentist will need supplies, the printing house needs paper and ink, the solon needs cosmetics, and so on. These supplies could be purchased with the funds earned through Main Street enterprises by a purchasing agent recruited for this purpose . Those in the community that have a presence on Main Street will bring in the much needed currency that a barter and trade system doesn’t have access to. Those recruited will be chosen based upon the greatest potential for income for the community. Main Street shop, restaurant, and motel owners will serve the community in exchange for living all expenses paid for the rest of their lives.

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