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The first phase of building a Hub-Om Community might be done at home, where you live right now.

Make it a family project in preparation for the eventual day that you will relocate to a Hub-Om Community.










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  1. I love your vision… it’s very aligned with my own. I’ve been dreaming of, researching and touring self-sustaining communities for many years. There are many different types out there but very few that synchronize with my own vision. I do like yours. A lot. And I’d love to know what progress has been made so far. Have you been able to unite others in the building of this community yet? Has anyone offered/donated land or finances?

    The community I hope to build will begin as property that was used as a summer camp. That way there are facilities that are already in place such as the main community building/kitchen/dining hall, rustic cabins, paths, bath-houses, etc. Many summer camps are established on rivers, lakes or large bodies of water. And they’re usually heavily wooded which offers lumber for future building materials. I envision a permaculture/eco-farm so the integrity of the land and its creatures will be not only maintained but enhanced.

    I don’t expect to have every component of the community established prior to its inception. I imagine it starting small and building it over time. The only thing it’s missing is the financial means to buy the land and the people to help me cultivate it.

    Thank you for putting your vision out there – it’s wonderful, beautiful and exciting… and I hope you’re able to manifest it fully! If you ever consider establishing a community in the mountains of North Carolina, then I’d love to join you on this quest!

    All the best,

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