Design Well-Being Workshop

For members of who would like to get involved in the planning and designing of not-for-profit archologies of well-being, to support the transition from capitalism to a gift economy.

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People who live in a not-for-profit archology will have no need for money, government well-fare programs, public education or health care programs.

7 Centers Support 7 Elements of Well-Being

Design a warehouse for community sharing, lending and for storing items that the community members produce; food production, clothing production, etc.  

Design a place for health education workshops, cooking workshops, group exercise, and group meditation as well as medical and dental offices that offer check-ups and referrals.

Design a place of mentorship and learning with cutting edge computers and updated information about the universe and the origin of man.

Design a gathering place large enough to accommodate all 200 adults and their children.  Whether this room is an auditorium with pews like a Christian church, a sitting area like a mosque or a yoga meditation center will be determined by those who live there. 

Design a human habitat that will create connection and belonging.

Design a place where we organize our resources and minimize our footprint.

Design a board room planning center where all the designing and decision-making will take place.